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Storage chokes

(construction: encapsulated in plastic receptacle or upright on base plate)
  • Pulse frequency max. 100 kHz
  • Residual ripple ∆I = 20%
  • Max. permissible ambient temperature Tu = 70°C
  • Utilization category (DIN 40040) GKF: -40°C to +125°C
  • Humidity rating F
Tolerances for the specified values:

No-load inductance Lo: ± 10%
Inductance under load LN: ± 15%
DC resistance Rcu (measured at 20°C): ± 15%

The type designation is composed as follows:
Storage choke / inductance under load / rated current-design.
The following codes apply for the design:
BL: lying flat in the encapsulating receptacle
BS: upright in the encapsulating receptacle
PS: upright on the base plate

The following example is given by way of explanation:
SD/1400/0.63 –> BL &Storage choke with an inductance of 1400 uH at a rated current of 0.63A, lying flat in the encapsulating receptacle

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